Grafische Überlegungen zur Struktur von 1 Kön 17,17–24 und Apg 20,7–12

Magdalena Lass


This article deals with the text of 1 Kgs 17:17–24 and its spatial structures, which
shape the composition of the text as well as they mould the contents of the story. Its framework using changes of location can be found in others of the Bible’s narratives of awakening (cf. 2 Kgs 4:8–37; Acts 9:36–42), too. Arrangements of persons or things, spaces and the dynamics thereof are connected graphically and thus 1 Kgs 17:17–24 is examined more closely. A second step compares the text to Acts 20:7–12, which reverses the spacing and sets different priorities.


Elijah; Space; Awakening; Eutychus




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