Gewalt in der Bibel. Begrifflichkeit - Verstehenshilfen - Perspektiven


  • Sigrid Eder Universität Graz


The article starts with a definition of „violence“ in the German language and later on presents seven theses through which it should be easier to understand texts of the Old Testament that speak about violence. The Bible addresses, as a realistic book, all human issues and anchors them in the horizon of faith. Therefore, also violence in all its different forms is mentioned in the Bible in a very dramatic way. Starting with the connexion between speech and violence also psalms of lamentation will be described. Stories of the Book of Judges about male and female violent activities will be connected with current analyses of gender and critical men’s studies. (Sexual) violence against women (2Sam 13) and violence in the images of God (Ex 14) will also be presented. At the end, prophetic texts which speak about hope and peace present ahimsa and the overcoming of violence.