Widerstand gegen die Verführung durch das "Tier" in der Nachfolge des "Lammes". Kontrastbilder von Gewalt und Gewaltfreiheit in der Offenbarung des Johannes


  • Martin Hasitschka Universität Innsbruck


The Christians in the churches of Western Asia Minor at the end of the first cen­tury suffer in different ways tribulation, persecution and violence. They experience violence not only in a physical but also in a psychical sense. They are in danger, to be deceived and seduced and to apostatize from Christ. In the violence, which they have to suffer, the Chris­tians visionarily see the conflict between supernatural hostile powers and God in the whole world history. But the influence of these satanic powers is already limited. The Christians are convinced that Christ, „the Lamb“ once will conquer them totally (Rev 17:14). John mo­tivates to renounce all means of violence. He does it by designing a special theology and Christology, by pictures of hope and by hymns. Two important concepts for non-violent behaviour are „to conquer“ (νικάω) and „to reign“ (βασιλεύω) in following the Lamb.